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Eric Skytterholm Egan

Eric Skytterholm Egan (1983) is an Irish-Norwegian composer based in the North-East UK and Norway. His music explores experiential formal devices, often within a “soundworld characterised by delicate timbres and uncompromising material, driven by a desire to subvert the expectations of the listener – offering the unexpected within familiar musical ground”. Eric is currently Lecturer in Composition at Durham University.

Interplay of Bones
Siuil go Ciuin
in Motion
Interplay of Bones 2
Interplay of Bones
Interplay of Bones
Improvised workspace
Les Voix Humaines
Student workshop kit
Current Projects
Score extract.jpg

A series of fragments for piano in second escapement (with escapement brace) for Ben Smith. 

Movement 1 Extract_edited_edited.jpg

A series of fragments for guitar with glass slides, based on the Fantasias of Alonso Mudarra. 

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