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Interplay of Bones

Trombone and percussion (2015-19)  |  45'

Written for Blechtrommel


Joao Pacheco (percussion)

Juna Winston (trombone)

Commissioned with funds from Kulturrådet

(Arts Council Norway)

First performed in Durham  11.07.19

Most recently performed by Ensemble Adapter at Nordic Music Days, in the Faroe Islands


Score Extract

Interplay of Bones 1.jpeg
1. in Truth.jpg

...and in truth, as a poor soul is between shift and shift ere the death he has lived through becomes the life he is to die into...

The Uses and Abuses of insects, A Visit to Guinness’ Brewery, Clubs, Advantages of the Penny Post, When is a Pun Not a Pun?


...we carefully, if she pleats, lift her by her seam hem... till its nether nadir is vortically where... its naval’s napex will have to be beand be...

...thence must any whatyoulike in the power of empthood be greater THan or less tHaN the unitate we have in one...

the rotary process and its reestablishment of reciprocities...

If You Do It Do It Now. Delays are Dangerous.

Pantocracy. Bimutualism. Interchangeability. Naturality. Superfetation. Stabimobilism. Periodicity. Consummation. Interpenetrativeness.

Predicament. Balance of the factual by the theoretic Boox and Coox, Amallagamated.


James Joyce | Finnegans Wake

Blechtrommel performing movements 1 and 2 in Darmstadt in August 2018.

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