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Eric Skytterholm Egan (Mac Aodhagáin) (1983) is a Norwegian-Irish composer, based in Tynemouth (UK). He mostly writes acoustic chamber music, exploring experiential formal devices, often within a “soundworld characterised by delicate timbres and uncompromising material”. He has a keen interest in reshaping facets of our musical past, and a desire to challenge the expectations of the listener by “offering the unexpected within familiar musical ground”.


Eric’s music has been performed around the world, at festivals such as the Darmstädter Ferienkurse, Impuls Festival, Ultima, Musica Contemporanea Santiago, Ilios, Only Connect, and Vertixe Sonora. He has been widely commissioned and performed by groups such as the Irish National Symphony Orchestra, Telemark Chamber Orchestra, Arditti Quartet, Ensemble Adapter, Ives Ensemble, Curious Chamber Players, Trondheim Sinfonietta, Crash Ensemble, EXAUDI, Alpacca Ensemble, EXPOLRE ensemble, London Contemporary Orchestra Soloists, TAL Trio, Platypus Ensemble, SISU, El Perro Andaluz, and Zollner/Roche Duo. Eric teaches composition at Durham Univeristy, where he is also director of the Musicon and KLANG concert series. 

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