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Flute and tape (2010/21)  |  5'

Written for EXPLORE ensemble

First performed in Durham


Score extract

Echos page 2_edited_edited_edited.jpg

His slim hand with a wave graced echo and fall...

He hummed, prolonging in solemn echo the closes of the bars...

What echoes of that sound were by both and each heard?

By Stephen:

Liliata rutilantium. Turma circumdet.

Iubilantium te virginum. Chorus excipiat.

By Bloom:

Heigho, heigho,

Heigho, heigho.

the anticipation of warmth (human) tempered with coolness (linen), obviating desire and rendering desirable: the statue of Narcissus, sound without echo, desired desire...


James Joyce | Ulysses

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Taylor MacLennan performing Echos in Durham in July 2021. 

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