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Les Pleurs

String Trio (2020-21)  |  12'

Written for Contrazontal

First performed in Newcastle 10.10.21

Score extract


That voice was a lamentation. Calmer now. It’s in the silence after you feel you hear. Vibrations. Now silent air.

ofttimes the beauty of poetry, so sad in its transient loveliness, had misted her eyes with silent tears

Coffin now. Got here before us, dead as he is. Horse looking round at it with his plume skeowways...

Do they know what they cart out here every day? Must be twenty or thirty funerals every day...

Funerals all over the world everywhere every minute. Shovelling them under by the cartload doublequick.

Thousands every hour. Too many in the world. Mourners came out through the gates: woman and a girl.

Girl’s face stained with dirt and tears

James Joyce | Ulysses

Les Pleurs
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Contrazontal performing Les Pleurs in Durham in October 2021.

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