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2 Violins and Tape* (2022 -23)  |  17'

* Alternativley sympolin/viola d'amore/Hardanger fiddle. 4 or 8 channels.

A live score, performed alongside a four channel tape part compiled from recordings of the same performers.

Written for Marie Schreer and John Garner

Commissioned with funds from Komponistenes Vederlagsfond 

Premiered in Durham


Score extract

Musicon Arctic Soundscapes  - 321.jpeg

Ábifruvvá (mermaid) is rooted in the hidden narratives and cultural conflicts resulting from the societal expansion and encroachment on nature in Arctic Sápmi. The piece alludes at our relationship with the sea and how this has moved from symbiosis to exploitation. The tape part of the piece consists of recordings of violins mimicking the sounds of sea-life (including whales) as well as old wooden and larger industrial fishing boats at sea. These sounds were developed from recordings made on and outside the island of Andøya in northern Norway. The opening materials is inspired by fragments and ornaments from old Sámi songs, which are gradually drowned out by the expanding storm of activity. At the end of the work this material returns, as the piece finally retreats into (potentially) calmer waters.

Mainly Two performing Ábifruvvá in Durham in May 2023.

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